PORTLAND, Ore. — Today, the Oregon Beverage Alliance released the following statement on the importance of a functioning Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission:

“Beer, wine, cider and spirits are an essential part of Oregon’s economy and identity. Our state is home to 400 breweries, 1,000 wineries, 1,400 vineyards, 70 cideries, nearly 100 distilleries, 73 distributors and 10,000 restaurants, creating hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs and more than $14 billion a year in economic activity for the state,” said the Oregon Beverage Alliance.

“This essential sector depends on a viable Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission — one that balances administrative efficiency for local businesses with proper regulatory oversight of alcohol. This requires a strong, competent OLCC Executive Director and a competent and knowledgeable staff to navigate the complexities of the various industries it regulates, which collectively provide the third largest source of revenue for the state.”


About the Oregon Beverage Alliance

The Oregon Beverage Alliance is made up of local brewers, winemakers, cidermakers, distillers and their supply and hospitality partners creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. Learn more: www.DontTaxMyDrink.org