A newly released National Institutes of Health survey showed the decline in under-age drinking continuing

PORTLAND, Ore. — According to the National Institutes of Health’s annual Monitoring the Future survey, the 20-year trend of American teens drinking less continued into 2023.

Consistent with previous years, the new study released last month found alcohol consumption among America’s teens are at or near record low levels. Most teens report they have never consumed alcohol – nearly 80% of 8th graders, 64% of 10th graders and 47% of 12th graders. That’s an increase of about 3% for 8th graders, 5.3% for 10th graders and 8.9% for 12th graders compared to last year’s study. The longer-term trend shows declines of 24%, 42% and 35% respectively over the past decade.

“Research shows that parents who talk to their kids specifically about this issue, have clear rules against underage drinking and enforce those rules have fewer problems with underage drinking. These things really work!,” said Pam Erickson former Executive Director of the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission. “I want to especially thank those Oregonians, many of whom are in the alcohol industry, for providing the resources and hard work so more parents can feel free to talk to their kids, set rules and enforce them. As parenting is key, so opening the dialogues between kids and parents is especially important.”

Monitoring the Future has conducted these annual surveys for more than four decades tracking trends in alcohol use by U.S. adolescents. Since 2002, teen drinking levels have continued to trend down.


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